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Another GlobeCore machine was commissioned on 13-17 January in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This time our engineers commissioned a 10 cubic meter per hour USB fuel blending machine. The problem of atmospheric pollution is important for Ecuador, and the government is increasing environmental protection measures and standards. A complete transition to alternative fuels requires a comprehensive upgradeRead More

During 2 days, May 3-4 in Quito (Ecuador), GlobeCore held a seminar presenting its equipment The event was attended by representatives of the electricity industry from many countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The seminar covered the following questions: General information about GlobeCore; Modern technologies in cleaning and regeneration ofRead More

April 10, 2017 GlobeCore specialists started up a CMM-4/7 unit in Tallinn (Estonia). This equipment is used by business engaged in installation, repair and operation of power transformers for degassing and filtration of insulating oil. Also, the units can be used to heat oil-filled electrical appliances with hot oil, for vacuum dehydration and evacuation ofRead More

Hydrodynamic cavitation is a process of generation of cavities (bubbles) filled with gas and vapor dissolved in fluid. The cavities appear when fluid flows around obstacles or vice versa, the obstacles (blades) move in liquid. The cavities explode into tiny bubbles, which can burst under certain conditions.  The burst bubbles release local pressure up toRead More

Liquid soap. At least once every person faces a dilemma of what kind of soap to buy: liquid or solid. Let’s try to understand the difference. Let’s start with the composition of soap, which determines its consistency. Liquid soap has different synthetic surfactants in its composition, the most common is sodium laureth sulfate. It producesRead More

Fuel blending system. Every driver knows that the higher is the octane number of gasoline, the better and more expensive the fuel. This parameter characterizes the fuel’s ability to ignite. Engine sizes and designs are related with fuel (gasoline) characteristics. The cars are different in size, with different engines that use gasoline with different octaneRead More

Liquid soap. When making a decision to start a business and considering the different ides, it is important to consider many different factors. The main factors are demand and cost of a product or a service. Looking for a popular and inexpensive product, it is easy to pick soap, which successfully competes with more expensiveRead More

Fuel additives. A private car doesn’t just give you the pleasure of a quick and comfortable ride, but it also requires everyday expenses for maintenance, and the biggest expense is the cost of fuel. The question of saving on fuel is very relevant. The Internet offers many tips. One of the ways to save fuelRead More

Car antifreeze. The high rate of technical progress led to the development of motor vehicles with high quality, reliability and durability, and increased their mass production rate. The cause of this technological leap is the development of the internal combustion engine. This also called for the development of support systems, among them improvements of theRead More

To make diesel fuel with high performance and optimal hydrocarbon content, modern methods of component content measurement are required. It seems impossible to achieve without using additives. Additive efficiency depends to a large extent on the hydrocarbon composition of diesel. Additives for diesel fuel are mostly selected by trial and error. This stage is oneRead More



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