How to Leave Behind Foreign Corporations in the Sphere of Drink Production

In today’s modern world, the profitability of the beverage business is between 10 to 20% of investment.  As a whole, all domestic manufacturers occupy 43.8% of the market while 56.2% accounts for international corporations like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Coke and Pepsi products are usually about three times as expensive as the less known beverages of domestic manufacturers.  Due to world wide brand recognition and great marketing campaigns, the majority of people still choose the classic Coca-Cola brand when purchasing soft drinks.

The main benefit of domestic beverages in the soft drink market is their lower and reasonable pricing.  A modern beverage production business therefore, should be started first with the calculation of the prime cost of the future product and the development of the marketing plan.

One of the investing strategies of beverage production is the investment in the hi-tech equipment that meets the financial capabilities of the enterprise and can perform several operations in with the same machine(s).

GlobeCore has been designing for many years and is still developing modern technologies used to produce and blend different types of oils.  At the same time, equipment available from GlobeCore can be also used to make different commercially soft drink beverages.

GlobeCore is a customer-oriented company that can design blending systems to meet individual needs of each client.  GlobeCore can supply different tanks,  containers, and install and commission the equipment you need for your business.

To be successful in the production of beverages, production facilities should be consistent in producing the end product.  Consistency across your marketing territories is essential to maintaining brand loyalty and market share.

That is why GlobeCore offers  automatic systems and units for blending liquids with automated process control, spare parts and modern control cabinets that are part of our complex but highly effective blending equipment.

GlobeCore‘s USB mobile blending unit does not require special placement and consumes less power than equipment from other manufacturers.

Precise metering of components, automated modes of operation and highly effective technologies for blending ensures high reliability of the production processes and constant control of data (especially temperature control).

The national and international beverage market offers a wide range of products  from well-water in bottles to fresh alcohol-free drinks that fit every taste.  Consumers have very high requirements for taste and the price of the product.  All these requirements may be satisfied by using high-quality equipment for your beverage production.

GlobeCore is an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality blending equipment that has been taken the leading position in different branches of industry for many years.  Mobile blending equipment, available from GlobeCore may be used for small-scale as well as large-scale soft drink beverage production.



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