Should we consider all food harmful? Issues around the production of liquid smoke

It is no secret that food can be smoked using not only wood smoke. Some producers of smoked products still use this method, but most have turned to a different process.

Not so long ago, a new product came into the market: liquid smoke. The new product sparked heated debate. Producers claim the new product is safe and convenient, while doctors are raising alarm over possible harmful effects.

Meat, fish or sausages can be smoked using liquid smoke, simply by boiling them in water with a certain amount of liquid smoke added.

A similar smoking liquid first emerged in the beginning of the 19th century. After the patent was published in the 20th century, the liquid smoke product is used successfully with careful adherence to standards and maximum concentrations.

Smoking products with liquid smoke requires some expertise and certain equipment.

Production of liquid smoke does require certification, Although the debate regarding possible harmful effects is still raging, there are reasons to continuoue production of this substance.

The production process ensures there are no harmful carcinogenic substances in the product. While real smoke contains tar, liquid smoke is purified, and the end product contains no such materials. Besides, liquid smoke is mixed with water or a fat emulsion, while ash and tar do not mix with water and do not become part of the final composition of liquid smoke, leaving only the flavor.

Among the advantages of liquid smoke production one should consider the novelty of the product, a wide market share, both individual consumers and large producers, relatively low costs of starting the business and simple automation of the process.

Another pro factor may be the availability of special multifunctional equipment for mixing liquids, which allows to produce large amounts of the product fast. Low energy consumption of such equipment and its high production rate also ensure rapid return of investment.

Although until new research results are published (the research has been ongoing for years) and doctors recommend reducing consumption of products smoked using liquid smoke, the actual smoked products are, indeed, more tasty. While deciding what to produce, it should be noted that doctors are often more concerned about healthy diets rather than actual harm from a product. The ultimate decision is with the client.



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