Starting your own liquid soap business

Liquid soap. When making a decision to start a business and considering the different ides, it is important to consider many different factors. The main factors are demand and cost of a product or a service.

Looking for a popular and inexpensive product, it is easy to pick soap, which successfully competes with more expensive cosmetic and hygiene products. It is understandable that the level of competition in the soap market is high, but it does not mean that you will be unable to take a worthy place, with special recipes based on natural ingredients and high-performance equipment.

When choosing between solid and liquid soap, it is preferable to chose the latter, because liquid soap has a number of advantages compared to its solid counterpart. In particular, liquid soap saves money, is easy to use, variable in composition, hygienic and versatile.

To start the production of liquid soap on a large scale, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  1. Register a trademark;
  2. Find a production space of more than 60 square meters;
  3. Purchase the necessary equipment;
  4. Obtain permits;
  5. Hire staff;
  6. Market the product.

Each of these steps is important, but the heart of the production remains the equipment. In general, the production line for liquid soap must be equipped with:

  • Filters;
  • Flow meters;
  • Mixers;
  • Pumps;
  • A tank for heating the mixture.

The best mixers for liquid soap are USB units by GlobeCore. This is a hydrodynamic cavitation reactor with a powerful cavitation effect and hydrodynamic surge in its chamber. The effects of hydrodynamic shock and cavitation lead to a profound dispersion of all components of liquid soap. The fine dispersion preserves soap characteristics for a long time.

The USB units allow to create high quality liquid soap that would take a leading position in the market.



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