USB High Octane Fuel Blending Plants

Fuel blending system. Every driver knows that the higher is the octane number of gasoline, the better and more expensive the fuel. This parameter characterizes the fuel’s ability to ignite.

Engine sizes and designs are related with fuel (gasoline) characteristics. The cars are different in size, with different engines that use gasoline with different octane numbers. It is better to buy suitable gasoline than to run into cylinder head problems when it misfires.

How does a manufacturer achieve the right octane number of gasoline? There are several ways. The analysis of components of gasoline indicates that the necessary vapor pressure can be reached by changing the amount of butane. The octane number is achieved by adding lead compounds (tetraethyl lead and tetramethyl lead) to gasoline. It is also possible to use other additives: ethanol, methanol, tert-butyl alcohol and methyl tert-butyl ether.

Thus, blending of fuels includes:

  1. Preparation of commercial gasoline by mixing it with additives in accordance with the existing technical requirements;
  2. Increasing the octane number of commercial gasoline through mixing with additives and ingredients in specified amounts.

The USB fuel blending system by GlobeCore is designed for production of commercial gasoline. It blends oil components, pumps gasoline, light oil fractions and other components, and can be used in oil refineries, fuel storage facilities and warehouses.

Currently, GlobeCore produces of a number of mixing plants (USB-18 USB-20 USB-60, USB-100, USB-150) for blending fuels and liquids of any kind (from two to seven components), including vegetable oil. Production rate of these units vary from 17 to 150 m3 / h.

The USB units achieve the following:

  • Easy operation of tank farms;
  • Reduced labor costs and the number of staff;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Improved efficiency of the equipment;
  • Simplified mixing process.

The special feature of the USB unit is the ultrasonic mixing system which uses injection method that can increase the octane number of gasoline. This method produces a product that does not separate in 180 days.



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