Fuel saving additives

Additives are special substances added to gasoline to improve it. There is usually an additive for each type of fuel properties. This article deals with fuel economy additives.

The product may come in the form of liquid of capsules. Fuel saving additives include several active components increasing the octane number. Some of the widely used additives are lead tetraethyl, alcohols, naphthalene, acetone, manganese compounds etc.

lead tetraethyl reduces smoke and noise. Alcohols increase octane number and improve combustion. Naphthalene improves quality of the fuel and improves mileage.

Special equipment should be used in oil refining to mix additives with fuel. Most of the modern methods of mixing do not ensure the required homogeneity and stability of the oil product. This results in stratification and separation in storage.

GlobeCore’s USB units are free from this drawback. These units can mix up to five liquid components. The process occurs in the hydrodynamic mixer, for all components simultaneously, with output to general blending collector, according to blend formula.

The design of the USB units allows the use of injection method and hydrodynamic shock to increase the octane number of gasoline without separation of the blend for at least 180 days.

Some of the advantages of GlobeCore technologies are:

  • precise portioning;
  • fast mixing;
  • no need to use mixing tanks for product homogenization.

GlobeCore’s USB unit is a reliable product for oil refineries and filling stations interested in improving the quality of their gasoline.



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