Manufacturers of car antifreeze

Car antifreeze. The high rate of technical progress led to the development of motor vehicles with high quality, reliability and durability, and increased their mass production rate. The cause of this technological leap is the development of the internal combustion engine. This also called for the development of support systems, among them improvements of the cooling system. Among the coolants in heating systems are anti-freezes and other non-freezing liquids for year-round operation.

This is because water used as a coolant forms a 1 mm thick deposit on the walls of the cooling system and reduces heat exchange by 25%, which in turn reduces engine power by 6%, and increases fuel consumption by 5%. A one millimeter scale appears within three or four months of operation of the vehicle which uses natural water in the cooling system. Also, there is a formation of salt deposits on the surfaces which transmit heat. All this causes irregularities of temperature (thermal stresses), which can damage of the cooling system parts.

Car antifreeze. Difficulties arise through corrosive deterioration of components of the  cooling system, which are made of different metals (steel, cast iron, silumin, copper, aluminum, etc.). Once in contact, these metals form galvanic couples, increasing corrosion rate. Within 1.5-2 years a new car operating with natural water in the cooling system of its engine requires maintenance or even overhaul.

Using antifreeze eliminates most of the drawbacks associated with the use of natural water in the cooling systems. This is achieved by the introduction of inhibitors and additives that prevent formation of scale, reduce foaming, corrosion, pour point, and increase boiling point. The modern market consist of many foreign and domestic producers, such as ESSO, TEXASO, SHELL, VAMP, LUKOIL, TNK.

Their products meet technical specifications and standards.



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