Additives for fuel economy: a modern view

Fuel additives. A private car doesn’t just give you the pleasure of a quick and comfortable ride, but it also requires everyday expenses for maintenance, and the biggest expense is the cost of fuel. The question of saving on fuel is very relevant.

The Internet offers many tips. One of the ways to save fuel is to use special additives. But experience shows that these additives have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try to understand where the additives can be used, and where they are  better avoided.

The advantages and disadvantages depend on the active ingredients of the additives and their main characteristics.

Tetraethyl reduces smoke emissions, reduces engine noise and has a positive impact on engine performance. Tetraethyl additives are often added to gasoline to improve gasoline quality. The main drawback of these additives is evaporation of lead compounds hazardous health and potentially deadly.

Fuel additives. Adding alcohol into the fuel can increase the octane number and improve the flammability index. The main disadvantage of alcohol application is its degrading effect on seals and rubber or plastic parts.

Naphthalene, even in relatively small amounts, increases the quality of fuel and thus reduces its consumption. However, the use of naphthalene additives lead to the formation of deposits in the engine.

Acetone can both reduce fuel consumption and increase it. It all depends on the selected dosage.

Manganese additives have good performance, but they increase smoke opacity, which affects the spark plugs.

Ferrocene additives lead to the formation of sludge, which is very dangerous for moving mechanisms.

Additives containing monomethylamine and methyl tertiary butyl ether can also help save fuel. But their side effect is corrosive destruction of metal surfaces. With increased detonation, these additives can also cause foaming of fuel and formation of sludge.



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