Demand for New Items – a Metering Pump

As often happens, complicated technological processes and developments are adjusted to be used in different branches of industry.  Easy-to-use and versatile equipment is an integral part of the production process of different items.

Facilities that specialize in the production of household products adopt practices from heavy, power and oil and gas industries.   This is due to the fact that  they use the same components such as chemical elements and natural resources that are suitable for industrial and general purposes.

GlobeCore USB blending units are used at facilities that blend fuel mixtures and try to re-use the supplies from third parties for their own benefit.

Custom-made equipment allows you to keep trade secrets secret and saves money on fuel.  The possibility to adjust formulations and use different liquids or many different components during the blending process draws a lot of attention.  Especially the companies engaged in soap production.  In the Soap Industry it is very important to be very different and to not to be like the products of other companies.

Blending equipment is characterized according to the operations it performs.  Each part of the blending equipment affects the quality of the final product.  A “Dosing Unit” is one such part.  It may be applied as independent equipment or as a part of a larger, more complicated piece of equipment used in different branches of industry.  In particular, dosing units are indispensable when working with chemical reagents.

A Metering pump is one of the pieces of equipment that is considered to be a  dosing unit.  It facilitates the blending of different components.  A metering pump is used to purify wastewater, improve the quality of water with the help of reagents and for cleaning swimming pools.

In the home care industry, a metering pump is used to produce cosmetic products, soaps and shampoos.  There are many different classifications of metering pumps,  but as a rule they are characterized according to,  (1) the nature of the work performed; and (2) the method of supply.

According to the first classification, there can be piston-type, flexible-tube and membrane pumps.   A piston-type pump is the most widely used since it can operate with different fluids that have a range of various characteristics.  The piston pump is characterized by a high-performance supply of components.  The operation of this type of pumps is regulated by changing the length of the stroke of the piston.  The working chamber of a piston-type pump is small so that the possibility of leaks is eliminated.

The piston features a long metal bar.  When in operation, it does not make contact with the walls of the working cylinder.  As a result if the up and won movement of the piston, a metering pump draws in and pushes the liquid out.

Piston-type pumps can work with liquids that are under high pressure. They can increase the capacity and volume of the dosing procedure.  The material the metering pump is made of however, should be checked for compatibility with the chemical reagents being pumped.

The operational principle of other kinds of metering pumps is quite different due to their design.  For example, a membrane-type metering pump protects the future composition of mixtures from contaminants.  It should be made therefore, of anti-corrosion materials that are resistant to chemicals and toxins.  Additionally, membrane-type metering pumps are unable to match piston-type pumps in accuracy.  Membrane pumps have a lower capacity and a reduced service life due to the constant influence of harmful chemicals.

Due to the shorter service life of membrane type pumps, designers and engineers have made constant improvements to the pumps that have resulted in the creation of models with a double membrane to increase resistance to aging and decomposition.

In addition to the piston type and membrane type pumps,  there are electromagnetic, electromechanical and peristaltic metering pumps.  Metering pumps range in capacity depending on their purposes and individual needs of the facility.

Being an integral part of the blending process, a metering pump increases the efficiency of many industries.



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