GlobeCore’s process is set up to provide you the high quality, most beneficial and only inspected equipment.

CONTACT US: It is the most important step that you need to do. Email or call GlobeCore and we will provide you with all required information

RFQ: Whether you request a quote for an existing plant, you should have a price immediately or in 24 hours (if it is weekend or holiday), for a new unit design, you should have a price in 7-10 days if you request to install some specific parts.

PRODUCTION: Once we receive your purchase order, the production begins. Production time should be 45 business days but as usual we have all units in stock. Delivery time depends on the country of delivery.

MANUFACTURING: GlobeCore is ISO 9001-2000 certified company. All our products are made using high quality accessories and spare parts made in EU and US.

We understand your business, we was in it for years. We would like to discuss your needs. Without you contacting us, the process cannot begin.



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