Globecore Germany

Globecore GmbH

Edewechter Landstraße 173, Oldenburg-Eversten, Deutschland, 26131 Tel: +4944842023594 Email: skype: mg5globecore_de Att: Ms. Oxana Bichurina

Globecore USA

Globecore Inc.

1750-H Dickinson Ave (FM 1266) Dickinson, TX, 77539
Contact: Dylan Baum
T: +1-713-429-1616
M: +1-805-559-8972
Blending systems are used for...
- intesification of heterophase reactions
- blending in chemical industry
- blending in paint industry
- blending in oil industry
- blending in food industry
- blending of any fluid
- blending of multicomponent suspensions
- blending of multicomponent fuels
- blending of biofuels (mineral fuels)
- blending of stable water-fuel emulsions
- blending of composite liquid fuel
- blending (dispersion) of any fluid
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