Synthetic Blend Oil

Opening of organic synthesis process, combination of key products for production of almost unlimited set of sorts of plastic, microfilms, synthetic fabrics and liquids became one of the changed patterns of our century inventions. Development of synthetic oil became one of by-products of these processes. For getting synthetic lubricant oils, operable temperatures in a wide interval, and also high-temperature heat carriers, hydraulic and cooling liquids air of silicon acids and different components successfully are used. These connections possess properties very valuable to lubricants. For them low volatility, resistance to action of high temperatures, a sunlight and radioactive radiation’, excellent viscous and temperature and insulate properties are characteristic. For high firmness of the final product synthetic blend oil system are used.

Enterprises developed auto chemical goods of the component in oils which are capable to improve high-temperature properties of oily wedge. Components which made on the basis of Teflon and a molybdenum disulfide twice improve temperature of a withstood oily wedge, for 50% poly-alpha olefins of synthetic oils by input improve an appropriate index using synthetic blend oil system. Components which has graphite basis by 4 times, and on the basis of ceramics by 10 times lift top temperature of an oily wedge for synthetic oils. Thus properties of the oil practically don’t change and packets of additives don’t clash with component composition. Structure of oil additives: clearing additives – washes; additives for increase in viscosity of the oil lost from maintenance; additives for elimination of leaks in oily system, antifriction components: on the basis of the liquid dispersion, changing operation of lubricant interface. For high firmness of the final product synthetic blend oil systems are used.

Such components require the correct input technology to a principal component of oil. For such purposes the GlobeCore Company is engaged in production synthetic blend oil system “USB”. Basic purpose of synthetic blend oil system “USB” of our installations is the intensification of dispersion processes, homogenization and emulsification different components which could not be mixed not compatible liquids and suspensions which in the result after processing will form the steady fine compound. Final product has stability to the long uniform storage life and is steady against foliation.



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