Production of Windscreen improves visibility for business

Detergents for washing the windscreen are essential for all motorists, protect the glass from dust and dirt, as well as snow and ice in the winter time. The resistance to cold temperature makes windscreen washing liquids similar to antifreeze.

Detergent liquids can be produced using various methods. The composition of all products is basically similar in most cases.

Windscreen washing liquids are usually based on ethyl or isopropyl alhohol. Using methyl alcohol in these products is prohibited. Beside alcohol, the product contains water, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, flavors and dyes.

This composition ensures that the there are no sags and residue on the glass, the detergents do not interact with the paint of the vehicle and rubber (wiper brushes, glass seals) and are not hazardous to humans and animals.

Beside compliance with the company’s internal quality standards, windscreen wash production must comply with a number of industry and international standards.

The business of windscreen wash production has several advantages: this product is always in demand due to the constant growth of the number of automobiles, simplicity of business set up (no licensing required) and production, relatively low cost and availability of raw materials and basic equipment.

The equipment for production of windscreen wash liquids is quite versatile. Mobile liquid blending systems, suitable to produce many types of vehicle related liquids, are often used.

High production rates of such equipment is limited only by the facility’s capacity. A quick buy off period compensates a significant part of the cost with the sale of even the first batch of the product.

The equipment for windscreen wash production allow to develop new modern recipes for the market and to increase the competitiveness of the business.



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