Production of Antifreeze

Mankind has been using cars for more than 100 years.  During this time, both cars and various car care means have gone through constant improvement.

The means for ensuring the cleanliness of glass are no exception.

Good visibility is essential to road safety.  In the warm time of the year, you can use plain water to clean your windshield, but at sub-zero temperatures this method is unsuitable. In such a case the so-called antifreeze comes to assistance.  This is the substance ensuring the cleanliness of car windows, which retains its original physical state even in extreme cold.  Antifreeze production business seems quite promising, since the product will continue to be used as long as cars are around.  Let us consider the technology of windshield washer liquid production.  It is not extremely difficult and almost everyone who has some start-up capital can arrange the production of antifreeze.  It is not necessary to have any special chemical education.  Windshield washer fluid is obtained by means of chemical reactions with isopropyl alcohol.  The output is pure alcohol solutions.  At the next stage they are mixed in specified proportions with purified water, flavoring agents and other additives.  Finally the fluid is created which is capable of being liquid even at -30°C.  The most important step in obtaining antifreeze is mixing.  When working with industrial quantities of raw materials, it is suitable to use USB-type plants produced by GlobeCore.  This equipment provides mixing of multiple constituents in flux.  By applying the principles of cavitation and hydrodynamic impact the obtaining of stable freezing liquids is achieved.  These liquids do not break down into individual components for a long time (at least 180 days).

After registration of all permits you can proceed with selection of a production workshop.  It should be taken into consideration that the equipment for antifreeze production covers an area of about 10 m².  But in practice, you will need premises with a total area of 350-500 m².  You will also need to store the finished product and to provide living conditions for your workers.  This workshop should allow for the potential enlargement of production facilities in the future which will help you avoid extra expenses for extension.

Now, another important question arises: where to find markets for the final product?  Most often antifreeze can be purchased today in automotive markets, as well as in automobile chemistry and spare parts stores, at maintenance stations, etc.  These are the objects for close cooperation.  You should secure your future intentions with the relevant treaties.  Such an approach would let you avoid the accumulation of your finished product and make the process of return of the invested funds as fast as possible.

You’ve probably noticed that antifreeze circulates mainly in the cold season.  And what is there to do in the summer?  How to avoid the idle time of your production equipment so it could bring you maximum benefit?  The answer is simple: the existing equipment can be used for obtaining another “seasonal” product – headlamp and windshield washer.  It is also made of purified water and a small amount of alcohol.  Thus, your business will run throughout the year.



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