Production of liquid nitrogen on the Earth

The USB type liquid blending unit is a bright example of a new generation technology, such as often spoken about in the media. The main advantage of the unit, placing it among the well known and beneficial inventions, is its versatility and the ability to perform many functions, run many processes and a customized approach to saving, recalculating and creating new product recipes and formulations.

Among the blends which can be made with the USB type unit are not only blended fuels. The unit can be used for production of shampoo, soap, antifreeze, detergent liquids, construction mixes, beverages, paints and various liquid cosmetics.

Often the design of a new piece of equipment implements function which later become the key to production of specific products bringing profit to the operator. For instance, the liquid blending unit can be programmed to make liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen is rather safe and non-hazardous. Its boiling point is about -195°C. This clear liquid is in high demand in many industries: from deep freezing of various materials, fire extinguishing, cooling, cryogenic cutting to conservation of cells, organs and tissues.

The high demand for liquid nitrogen makes it production more and more profitable. Mobile liquid blending systems are quite instrumental in the process.

The use of liquid blending systems with highly precise portioning, powerful pumps, multistage filtration and control systems as well as a modern programming system is to support the development of the business.

Software for the liquid nitrogen production units is still the main advantage of such equipment due to the capability to perform many functions, required to maintain the process cycle: keeping all settings, controlling all process paramters (temperature, pressure, gas inlet and outlet flow rate), displaying of all process parameters on screen, allowing to develop new formulations based on all the information saved in the memory of the unit etc.

The modern world offers many ways to develop business and turns what yesterday was props for science fiction movies into indispensable parts pf today’s industry.



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