Perfection in cooling – production of antifreeze

According to online sources, antifreeze is a liquid which does not freeze at low temperatures. These liquids are used in equipment operating at such temperatures, for cooling of internal combustion engines or for de-icing in aviation. Antifreeze is a mix of water, ethylene-glycol, propylene-glycol, glycerine and various additives.

Antifreezes are widely used due to their properties, moreover, antifreeze is necessary. For instance, a cooling liquid (antifreezing) is necessary to cool down car engines which must not heat above 85°C. Antifreeze helps to maintain the temperature conditions of the engine for higher power and fuel economy, also extending engine life and preserving parts from wear.

Among the main parameters of antifreeze liquid are density (defines crystallization temperature), activeness of hydrogen ions (indicates the presence of alkaline components in the additive) and the anti-foaming additive.

Selling own product or using it for own needs is a lot more profitable than buying materials, fuel and resell it or use in own production. This lowers the internal costs, increasing quality and quantity of sales and profits.

At this time, many automobile manufacturers already increase their requirements to antifreeze production technology and often forbid the use of coolants made according to traditional formulations.

Production of antifreeze according to new standards already creates competition to the old technology.

Such production does not require special licensing in many countries. This simplifies adding antifreeze production line to a facility to either satisfy own demand or compete with other manufacturers.

Production of antifreeze does not require expensive equipment. The quality of the product depends more on the quality of components and raw materials.

Three liquid types for automobiles can be produced using the same equipment: coolants (antifreezes), detergents and window washers. Antifreeze is made by mixing of water, concentrate and a range of additives in certain proportion. This can be done using any industrial mixing equipment. For instance, GlobeCore’s USB blending machines make the production of antifreeze even more profitable due to high production rate of the machines and several other advantages.

Production of antifreeze has no harmful environmental effects. There are is no waste water stream. The design of the USB mixer prevents water spills.

To keep the equipment using a coolant in good operating condition, the quality of the coolant is very important. Therefore, manufacturers can create their own formulations for antifreeze production to make quality product.

The secret of any successful undertaking is the sound organization of the business, implementation of new technologies and equipment to improve the production process.



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