Oil blending systems – it is not a blockbuster, it’s business

The chief objective of any business is to increase profits by reducing expenses and maximizing productivity. The technology market is constantly developing. The important thing is to make engines to operate with more reliability, efficiency and better fuel economy. It is also worth remembering that engine efficiency is much dependant on fuel quality. Traditional fuels, regular gasoline, manifest three factors which influence the result: envonmental, consumption and entirely unpredictable. Call it ECU. This ECU factors are detrimental to the objective of any business, that is, profit maximization. Environmental pollution, costs of fuel quickly consumed and the entirely unpredictable repair costs incurred by filter clogging, formation of soot etc.

Blending systems are widely used around the world for mixing of various components to produce the fuel which is most suitable in terms of intended use and production costs.

The USB blending systems is one of GlobeCore Blending trade mark brands. These systems are designed for blending of several fuel components, such as biodiesel fuel with regular diesel, low octane gasoline with various components etc. Such blending systems are capable of increasing cetane or octane number of the fuel and increase fuel storage life to beyond 180 days.

The USB blending systems are fully stand alone equipment, fitted with a pump, an electric motor, valves and flow meters. Components may be blended in any ratio depending on client recipe.

If a solution exists for many technological problems, it is worth considering. The blending systems are one of the ways to protect the business from ECU factors and to increase competitiveness in any market.



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