Not about the smell – mixing liquids for deodorants

One of the more popular products rapidly gaining consumer recognition are deodorants and air fresheners.

The new trend compels the development of producing this novel product for good smelling.

Beside the ethical questions of the what is good and pleasure smell, there is a new issue of competition and developing a product to interest the end clients.

Not to mention that businesses must care for their profits. Therefore, the process of mixing liquids for electronic cigarettes must be considered from the point of investment and profits.

Deodorants and air fresheners mix production lines are based on special unique equipment. Recently, GlobeCore introduced USB type liquid blending systems into the market. This versatile system was originally developed for the fuel and oil industry, but can be used to mix any liquids, from multi-component fuels to soft drinks.

Semi-automated and compact, the USB units do not require any special adjustments or any additional personnel training. Using these systems allows advantages in the development of new electronic cigarette liquid mix and offers the producer opportunities to develop the business as a reputable manufacturer.

The general composition of deodorant perspirant liquid is as follows: aluminum compounds, cyclomethicone, antibacterial ingredients like Triclosan, humectant propylene glycol, triethanolamine, diethanolamine and flavors.

The USB blending units ensure precise portioning of ingredients, maintaining the recipe and composition of the product.

Since flavors are important to the client’s preferences and tastes, precise portioning and mixing ensures market advantages of the product.

The universal combinations like by many clients, such as cherry, lemon, coffee, vanilla, apple, mint and menthol, or various alcohol beverage flavors can be corrected by using the software of the USB device to make a new type of electronic cigarette liquid.

By combining recipes of deodorant liquids, a producer may achieve a new formulations which may become popular with clients.

Using the USB blenders to produce deodorant liquid improves production rate allows the company to proudly state that their product is made using high precision modern equipment.



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