Non-freezing liquid production: a business plan for success

While selecting an area for starting a business, the best choice is a product with high demand. The options are plentiful. This article, however, deals with the production of non-freezing liquid. The calculation is simple: the amount of automobiles grows every year, and none can be used in cold season without the product.

This liquid consists of water and various organic substances (glycol, alcohol, glycerin, perfume component). It can be used as antifreeze or as windscreen wash.

Although antifreeze is mostly used in winter, it is easy to readjust the production line for a different, but similar product. For instance, for windscreen or headlight washer, which is also required in summer.

Before setting out to develop a business plan, consider the following: ingredients of the product, material purchases, process technology, equipment and, of course the expected return on investment.

Product ingredients and material purchases

Both antifreeze and windscreen wash are made from practically the same materials. The only difference is the actual contents of ingredients.

To start making windscreen wash, the following materials must be purchased:

  • fragrance;
  • surfactant;
  • alcohol;
  • dyes;
  • water;
  • ethylene glycol.

It should be noted that in theory, the product may be made using other, less expensive components. Savings can be achieved by selecting a less expensive alcohol. It should be remembered that human health is more important than material cost. For instance, methyl alcohol is very toxic; vapors of methyl alcohol can cause severe poisoning if inhaled.

Besides, bottles and labels must be purchased in advance.

Process technology

The process of non-freezing liquid production is comparatively simple, making it lucrative for businesses. In general case, the process can be divided into the following sequence of stages:

  1. water purification;
  2. component mixing;
  3. heating;
  4. bottling;
  5. labeling;
  6. storage.

The technology is not at all influenced by the quantity of the product made. The same process with minor adjustment can be used for production of other fluids used by motorists in their vehicles.

Equipment selection

Every technology requires certain equipment for implementation. The non-freezing fluid is made by:

  • component blending system;
  • bottling machine;
  • labeling machine;
  • buffer tanks.

This is true of the production uses purified water. If tap water is used, a special purification system is required.

GlobeCore’s USB type blending unit works well for component mixing. Regular mixing methods may not offer the required product stability. The liquids in the product may separate. The USB unit is different from its counterparts, since the injection method and the hydrodynamic shock ensure stability of the fluid for long periods of time.

Modern hydrodynamic (stream) blenders proved to be economic, precise and reliable units to make high quality non-freezing fluids at optimal cost.

A blending process, which allows to supply all components simultaneously according to the formulation into a mixing collector, from where the product is sent to storage, is used in this blending system. The advantages of this technology is the pricese control of component supply ratio, a significant reduction of blending time and no need to used mixing tanks for homogenization of the product. The supply rate of each components is adjusted in constantly to ensure consistent product quality at the outlet.

Return on investment

Expert assessment shows that non-freezing liquid production reaches the breakeven point very rapidly. Due to USB blending system, money is saved and the profit margin is higher than that in traditional mixing processes, accelerating ROI by 60% annually and making the project pay for itself in one year or less.

It is difficult to specify the exact profit. It depends on production volumes, sales and distribution and pricing in your area.



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