New petroleum recipe – shaken, not stirred

New technologies develop as rapidly as market  demand dictates. In the global environmental battle, companies attempt to protect themselves from the attention of the environmentally and save on resources as well. Alternative fuels for industrial equipment and machinery have been around for some time now. The key of this innovation is the ability to mix and blend various components to make a cleaner and better fuel. The use of compounding systems allows production of efficient fuel which in turn enhances engine operation.

There is a significant difference between blending and mixing systems. In theory, the missing process implies two components. For instance, mixing diesel fuel with biodiesel improves the smoothness of fuel combustion in the engine. Blending process is a bit more complicated. To endow fuel with certain properties, various oils and additives can be used. Blending of various less expensive components produces the same result as finished high quality fuel product, but at a lower cost.

Every model of the GlobeCore’s blending system range can blend from 2 to 10 components. Individual adjustment and system programming is optional on customer request.

Compounding units and blending system feature a high processing capability and guarantee production of high quality fuel with long storage life.

Blending systems used in oil and gas industry, are very important. One of the products of oil refining, oil tar is used as oil fuel. However, corrosion, difficult stirring and high viscosity make this fuel less than ideal in terms of efficiency and reliability. Still, combining oil tar with gasoline and certain additives in a compounding system, it is possible to produce a higher quality gasoline, which increases efficiency of internal combustion engines and is less damaging to component parts.

GlobeCore offers a large selection of USB type blending systems, each with its own characteristics. However, in the end, the main advantage of such systems is increased efficiency of engines running on blended fuel, longer life time, differentiation of fuel supplies and additional savings on fuel resources.



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