Down with the Middle Ages – the leap to the production of liquid stone

Liquid stone, a popular material in the modern construction industry, is not at all similar to natural stone. This term refers to coating of such surfaces as wood chipboards. Liquid stone is a mix of polymer resin and various additives.

To meet the demands of the clients, construction companies must be flexible in terms of new construction trends. And the company must still make a profit, instead of bearing losses after purchasing new materials, technologies and formulations. That is why companies use more versatile materials and equipment.

Ideas for construction start-ups are abundant.

Liquid stone is used for coating of buildings, concrete fences, pavement tiles, window sills etc. This material is much lighter than natural stone, flexible and simple in use; it is easy to attach to the wall coatings. One of the biggest advantages of the liquid stone is the price, which is a lot lower than that of natural finishing materials.

The technology of liquid stone production involves pulverization and later polishing special mixes onto the surface. Liquid stone is a mix which reacts with water or a certain material and forms a liquid flexible material. After setting, the material is similar in structure to natural stone.

Since this component is liquid, the blends can be produced using advanced blending equipment. This allows to perfect the formulation of the material, accelerate the production process, eliminate the costs of purchasing this material etc.

By purchasing liquid blending equipment, a business can meet several technological demands, including improvement of liquid stone production.

The equipment quickly pays for itself, which, along with precise and economical mixing of liquid stop components, increases the profits of the company.

Production of liquid stone at one’s own facilities allows to increase the spectrum of services offered.

Liquid blending equipment allows to calculate and implement new recipes of liquid stone production, products with many colors, hues and performance characteristics.



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