Liquid Dispersing

Dispersion is a process when small parts of one substance are distributed  in thin liquid of another substance, without being dissolved in it. Such liquid call dispersing. In dispersion it is thin parts of substance is distributed in liquid part over time is depositing, and there comes the partial foliation. Therefore components of dispersion should be passed through GlobeCore liquid dispersing blending system “USB” to foliation avoiding.

Dispersion as the term envelops the wide range of products such as blackened, pastes, creams, liquid creams,  white suspensions, black, colored, emulsified, organic, inorganic, polymeric, with components, without components, on the basis of the melted substances, on a water basis, on the basis of polar solvents or on the basis of unpolar solvents of composition of substance. The real dispersion includes, at least, one solid phase and, at least, one liquid or similar liquids a phase where liquid or similar liquids a phase show viscosity.

As a rule production of dispersions is carried out by means of liquid dispersing blending systems “USB” manufactured by GlobeCore. Before production of dispersion it is necessary to choose quantity and quality of components which provides receiving the correct dispersion according to application and technical specefications which show the viscosity.


Today more than in 70 countries of the world realize manufacture and production of dispersions on the basis of different commodity components, for example: food, chemical, energy saving goods. Liquid dispersing blending systems USB systems (all modifications) are very easy to operate, easily mounted, occupy a minimum space and appear as integral complete object upon which purchase the customer receives a complete set of documentation and certificates.



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