Independent production of antifreeze in the conditions of the domestic market

Antifreeze is a cooling liquid which protects motors from overheating.

Antifreeze, just as any other liquid, can be made using the USB blending units. Their versatility and quality of production make it possible to implement any technology and formulation to improve the process.

Production of antifreeze includes several stages. A concentrate is prepared, which consists of high quality ethylene-glycol and several additives. After many stages of concentrate purification it is diluted with clean water without contaminants. The antifreeze is then supplied to bottling through filters.

Using the USB units simplifies the process by running it on one piece of equipment. The USB is equipped with special portioning devices, filters, pumps and piping to supply components. Mixing proportion is set according to the formulation using the control panel. Besides, the USB is equipped with temperature sensors and a semi-automatic control system. The operator can fully control the process.

Antifreeze may contain more than 40 components. A balanced choice of additives is very important. The additives often include corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, stabilizers etc), which are accurately and precisely mixed with the liquid in the USB unit.

Generally, antifreeze coolant is a water solution of ethylene glycol, used to maintain normal temperature in internal combustion engines. It includes a number of special anti-foaming and anti-corrosion additives. They improve the operation of the cooling system; antifreeze is also used in various heat exchange equipment.

High quality USB type blending units allow any facility to satisfy its demand for coolants by own production independent of suppliers, conditions and prices.



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