How to Increase the Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel?

Such additives as nitro compounds or synthins are added to diesel fuel to increase its cetane number.  In practical terms, the special equipment in the USB line is used to inject additives and obtain homogenized fuels.  They are considered to be an integral part of the production process when increasing the cetane number by a described method.

The combustion of diesel fuels is affected by the design of the equipment and its operational principles.  The combustion chamber should be designed in such a way that it will benefit the vortex formation (when the air is compressed) that allows for the reduction of fuel heating.   It is desirable to use cast iron pistons, as they have a lower thermal conductivity that reduces the combustion distance (the air and fuel are heated actively).

The fractional composition of fuel is needed while assessing the quality of diesel. This composition may be defined by the flash temperature or in the same way as fuel composition.



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