How to Choose the Correct Windshield Washer Fluid?

Safety  is the main concern of any  successful trip.  There is no doubt that  good vision and clean car windows benefit the safe road trip.

When Automatic windshield wipers first appeared on the modern car, they just operated just with water.  Though this windhield cleaning system was considered to be a breakthrough in the high-tech market, it was  unable to cope with the problem of windshield icing in freezing temperatures.

A few years after the introduction of on board windshiled washers, special washer fluids appeared on the market.  Nowadays they are called by different names such as windshield wiper fluid, wiper fluid, screen wash (in the UK), or washer fluid.  Depending on the peculiarities of usage, there are summer and winter fluids.  While choosing a summer washer fluid, special  attention should be paid to the smell of the fluid.

The fact is that there are a lot of producers of automobile chemical goods that are offered in the marketplace.  The main difference among all these liquids is normally determined by smell or fragrence.  In order to provide a safe and effective product, the experienced producers make windshield washer fluids only from components that do not harm human health.

If you detect a strong and unpleasant smell of liquid, it is better to avoid buying it.  If you dare however, to buy such liquid, you may face some health problems or damages to your car’s painted surfaces.  It is more difficult to choose winter washer fluid, as not only the smell is important, but also cold resistance should be taken into consideration.

High-quality Winter fluids not only clean the car windows, but should help prevent them from icing due to special de-icing components in the fluid.  Drivers should be also careful while choosing winter washer liquids, as they differ depending on the temperature limits.  For example, one windshield washer fluid may clean the window at minus 10 ºC / 14 º F, and another one at minus 20 ºC / minus 4ºF.  Some brands offer liquids that may be used even at minus 40 ºС / minus 40 ºF.

The washer liquid will not work if you use it at a temperature that is lower than that specified on the container.  If this is the case, this liquid will turn into jelly and will not flow though the piping and hose system to protect the car windows from icing.  Drivers should also know how to use the windshield washing liquids.  It is not recommended to dilute these washer liquids with water as the useful properties of liquids will be lost.  In the market, there are a lot of non-freezing liquids as well as concentrates.

If concentrates are used, it is usually necessary to dilute them with distilled water (the proportion is specified on the container).  Commercial alcohol is the main component of the washer fluid that prevents windshields from freezing.

The producers of cheap windshield washer fluids use methyl alcohol, that has strong and unpleasant smell and is very hazardous to human health.  Avoid these fluids.

Here are some tips on how to choose the proper windshield washer fluid.

First, do not neglect the quality of  the label on the container.  The leading manufacturers attach only high-quality labels to their goods that provide useful techincal data and usage instructions.

The label should provide the following information:

(1) the company logo;

(2) the name of manufacturing company;

(3) product release date;

(4) expiration date;

(5) the list of product ingredients; and

(6) the manufacturer’s return address.

Secondly, do not forget to check the smell of the fluid.  If you detect the smell of acetone, it is better not to buy this fluid.  And trite, but true: pay attention to price!  The low-quality washer liquids, as a rule, cost much less than tried-and-true products, nut they are not a bargan.

It is therefore, better to spend a little more money on the better product in order to protect your health, safety, and operating conditions of your car.

Remember: a cheapskate always pays twice!

And last but not least!  It is recommended to use the windshield washer liquid only when necessary.  Do not spray the fluid on the screen if the car sits in the garage unused.  The vapours of commercial alcohol are very dangerous.  They vanish faster if using washer fluids while driving.  Otherwise, you have to air out the garage for a long period of time.  By following these rules, you can benefit from windshield washer liquid.



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