How to Choose Antifreeze

Non-freezing liquid for cars is a product of mass use.  It is not possible to do without it in the cold season, because this substance allows to keep car windshields clean, thereby providing good visibility to the driver and improving road safety.

Today the market of automobile goods is quite diverse, so you can find antifreeze of both domestic and foreign production without any problem.  We should note that the composition of antifreeze should always include alcohol, detergent additives, aromatics and dyes.  When choosing antifreeze it is recommended to remember two simple rules.

First, before buying the product check its smell.  If it is too sharp, then it most likely means that the liquid is made from methanol.  This substance is hazardous to human health.  If the odor resembles that of acetone, it has to deal with isopropyl alcohol.  It is less toxic, but under certain circumstances may also irritate the mucous membranes of your respiratory tract and eyes.

Second, to determine forgery you need to pay attention to product price.  Self-made antifreezes are usually significantly cheaper than branded ones.  It will not hurt to examine containers: cheap plastic bottles might mean problems.

The proper way is to purchase the fluid in a specialized automotive store before the onset of the cold season.

Acquisition of a non-certified product can lead to the fact that you’ll get substance including methyl alcohol.  It is easily miscible with many conventional solvents and water and is relatively inexpensive.  But remember – this substance is poisonous!

In case of contact with the human body, methanol attacks its nervous and vascular systems and causes vision disorders.  A dose of more than 30 g can be lethal.  When using methyl-based antifreeze, there is a risk of involuntary inhalation of its vapors getting into the passenger compartment through the vents.  If this happens, a person may feel sick; that will be expressed in severe headache, dizziness and general weakness.

In many countries, the use of methanol for the production of antifreeze is prohibited by law, but it does not stop the unscrupulous smart dealers rushing for easy money.



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