How Does the “Liquids Mixing Ratio” Influence the Increase of Sales?

When purchasing industrial oils, it is advisable to thoroughly study all the characteristics of the product in order to make the right choice.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the status of the company involved in the selling of industrial oils.  Also pay attention to the level of professionalism and qualifications of dealers.  Study the marketing catalogues for the products and do not buy products that has no information about the product readily available for review.

Sometimes, a company that has to replace one brand of industrial oil for another. An educated buyer should note that new oil should have the same physicochemical characteristics as the old one it is replacing or being added to.

For example, the use of oil that has a lower viscosity than the original one can lead to the overheating and premature wear of some internal parts.  Oil with a higher than needed viscosity will require higher energy costs to operate the oil filled equipment.

In consideration of this, it is not always possible to replace one brand of oil with another one.  And, it is one of the reasons why many companies require equipment for blending oils in certain proportions to obtain fuel that meets their individual production requirements.

Let’s consider GlobeCore blending equipment as an example.  This type of equipment operates according to the set formulation and automatically regulates the operation of valves to meet the unique characteristics of desired formulation.

GlobeCore USB units are characterized by a high capacity and performance therefore, they may be used for production of many different mixtures with different proportions of components.  Continuous blending of components in certain and consistent  proportions performed by the GlobeCore USB units is called on-line blending.

GlobeCore USB units range in capacity, depending on the amount of the product to be blended.  USB units available from GlobeCore feature an integrated mobile system for fuel blending that can be additionally fitted with external pumps for supplying additional components.

The automation of the blending process allows for the preservation of formulations and the mixing ratio in the memory of the system, but also for the specification of the threshold limit value for analysing and checking the quality of the product.

The innovations of the GlobeCore USB unit render it possible to actively respond to the changes in the production process and automatically calculate the required mixing ratios of new formulas.

The GlobeCore USB units are digitally controlled which reduces the risks of product loss and renders it possible to make changes to the mixing ratios and correct calculations during operation of the unit, and monitor the input and output of the product.

The GlobeCore USB system is also able to calculate the values of the physico-chemical characteristics of the components to correct the mixing ratio.

GlobeCore modern blending equipment not only increases the reliability of the mixing technology, but also improves this technology in the course of operation, reducing the risk and costs, required for laboratory tests of the mixing ratio.

The high production rate of GlobeCore USB blending systems makes it possible to quickly and efficiently respond to the fluctuations in the market and increase production rates and revenue.



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