Heavy-Fuel Oil Savings

Heavy fuel oil is a dark brown liquid that is obtained from petroleum distillation.  Though the composition of heavy fuel oil may vary, there are such basic components as:

(1) long residuum;

(2) tar;

(3) vacuum gas oils;

(4) kerosine-gas oil fractions;

(5) catalytic gas oil;

(6) coker gas oil;

(7) visbreaker tar; and

(8) heavy resins of pyrolysis.

Nowadays, heavy fuel oil enjoys wide application while producing motor fuel or bunker oil and when heating homes due to such performance characteristics as:

(1) high calorific value; and

(2) low ash content;

Additionally, heavy fuel oil provides a luminous flame that ensures good heat transfer in the combustion chamber.

As any other product, furnace fuel oil has some drawbacks such as:

(1) Increased safety requirements;

(2) high sulphur content (about 3.5 %); and

(3) high freezing point (25-30ºС/77-86ºF).

Despite all the drawbacks, heavy fuel oil is still in demand.  Far-sighted use of resources is provided by significant reduction in the fuel and energy resources.

Every year people are trying to find new ways how to save on residential heating costs.  Additionally, the major attempts should be directed to the reduction of harmful discharges into the air resulting from the combustion process.

In our opinion, the solution to many problems may be found in the processing of heavy fuel oil before it is burned in the combustion process.  This method consists in the preparation of fuel oil emulsion that has such advantages as:

(1) fuel combustion intensification ;

(2) waste water disposal; and

(3) reduction of CO2 or NOX emissions;

You may wonder: “Why is this method considered to be cost saving?”.  It’s quite simple: The emulsion consists of the components that are cheaper than heavy fuel oil itself.

To prepare fuel oil emulsion, there may be needed such additives as:

(1) clean water;

(2) water that has been used to blow down into boilers;

(3) water vapor; and

(4) Waste water, contaminated by oil products.

One should remember that a desirable effect from the combustion of fuel oil emulsion may be obtained only if it is prepared in a proper way.  First, a special homogeneous mixture type “water-oil” is prepared.  The diameter of the water droplets constituting a dispersed phase is a few microns.  The properly prepared fuel oil emulsion provides good ignition and stable combustion of fuel.

And now little remains to be done – to choose equipment which provides for the production of high-quality fuel oil emulsion.

Globe Core has developed and is still producing  the USB units that are designed for production of fine emulsion, consisting of liquid oil products (heavy fuel oil, diesel fuel, stove fuel, or oil-sludge) and different additives.

The final product can be transported and stored for a long period of time. Additionally, it benefits the reduction of harmful discharges into the air and allows for cost reduction.



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