GlobeCore’s USB Line for Blending Paint: A Semi-Automatic Technology

GlobeCore’s integrated USB line is a modern example of versatile equipment that can be used in different branches of industry to perform different tasks.  The term ‘blending of paints’ does not refer to the services of a beauty salon.

Equipment for paint blending is applied in the chemical, construction and automobile industries.  Unmanageable rack-type blending units for paint blending can be replaced with a compact, mobile GlobeCore USB unit that can be custom-made to meet the individual needs of the client.  The final product is homogeneous and of high-quality since blending is performed by hi-tech systems.

In earlier years, paint blending equipment belonged only to facilities involved in the paint production industry.  It is however, much more profitable for every entrepreneur to invest money in his own production.

The following is the list of benefits of paint blending equipment available for your production facility:

(1) low-cost production of paints using your own materials;

(2) no delays with paint supply;

(3) the desired color of the paint produced;

(4) a scheduled paint production, independent of the working hours of stores and stocks of paints;

(5) no need to buy paints to keep them in stock to meet unanticipated needs.

One of the main benefits of GlobeCore’s USB line for paint blending is the homogeneity of the mixture.  Special dosing and programming systems produce mixtures that are resistant to breakdown and improves the quality of paint.

GlobeCore’s USB blending units are based on the hydrodynamic process of blending.  This kind of equipment allows you to set the necessary blending formula according to a specified amount of each component that is supplied through the special dosing systems to the unit.  The advantage of this process is the possibility to control the dosing of each component of the mixture at a considerable reduction of the blending cycle.

The USB line of blending units available from GlobeCore can be used for compounding different liquids within different formulations.  Paints, blended with GlobeCore blending equipment, meet all international and national standards and regulations, do not separate, and are serviceable.



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