GlobeCore’s professionals participated in the seminar, held on 15 April in Amman Jordan

During the first part of the event, GlobeCore’s representative Daria Shadad spoke on equipment used for transformer oil purification and regeneration. Some of the products presented were CMM-R and CMM-4/7. While such equipment is not entirely new to the industry, it is still important, since it allows to extend service life of transformers at the country’s power plants.

The CMM-R attracted special interest, due to its ability to remove acids and decay products from the oil, increasing its oxidation stability and lowering gas solubility.

The second part of the event was dedicated to questions from the audience. The participants were interested in the Fuller’s earth sorbent used in the CMM-R plant. The plant features capability to regenerate sorbent directly in the unit multiple times and process oil continuously without the need to refill the sorbents.

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