Fuel compound consulting how to benefit on the spot

New companies promote production increase by many methods, including the use of more and more of blending systems for production of mixes of various components and additives for improved, in many respects, motor fuel.

The modern compounding units equipped by component ratio controls, allow to reduce the cost of raw materials fro blending by defining the exact amount of each component. The correct settings of a blending system are essential to the success of the operation.

GlobeCore has many years of experience in development and supply of blending systems around the world. The company operates in the markets of 70 countries. Professional consulting staff and the engineering department help to place an order for one of the blending systems according to intended application and production scope. The result is equipment for production of high quality gasoline blends of various grades, biofuel, diesel fuel and oil according to world standards.

The use of biodiesel and regular diesel fuel blends is becoming more popular in the world. GlobeCore’s compounding systems will give you an edge with the latest tendencies of the market and the industry.

Turning to our experienced consultants, you will also learn of the latest innovations in the international market, blending system capabilities and the advantages of various programs for production of highest quality fuel with an blending system of your own.

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