Fuel compliant with European standards made with USB petroleum blending systems

One of the main debates of today are environmental problems. The detrimental effect of modern heavy industry on the environment and resource consumption lead to one effect: depletion of resources. In the over-industrialized society, lack of fuel for machinery and vehicles is a point of crises.

The currently known fuels (gasoline and diesel) become a breaker for many businesses. Environment emission reduction and increasing of production efficiency at minimal cost are important factors for manufacturing business owners and CEOs.

Annual increase of oil production and consumption has a direct effect on the environment. Introduction of new costly environmental technologies are only cost-effective in the long run. One of the solutions, long since used in such energy powerful nations as US, Denmark or France, is the use of blending systems, which mix various types of fuels for optimal final blend.

In the new conditions, fuel is made based on various additives, for instance, alcohol (ethanol or methanol), or natural oils. Blending of various fuels increases efficiency of internal combustion engines. It also rarely requires significant changes to equipment.

One of the more important issues is the selection of optimal components for fuel blends. Components vary from the most volatile (butane) to the least volatile (crude) to obtain 10 – 15 specific parameters of the future fuel.

To make fuel of the required quality and class, blending systems for liquid components are used. GlobeCore’s offer are the USB blending systems for mixing of fuel blends. The system can mix up to six components and additives.

These systems are designed for various industries. Custom designed systems may be installed indoors or outdoors under canopy or may be made mobile.

The USB type blending units by GlobeCore are used all over the world for blending of various fuels. The pure form of fuel with the use of tar or gasoline is less efficient and causes more emissions to the atmosphere.

The advantages of blending systems are ease of operation, high blending rate, perfect quality of the finished products, capability of blending many components, as well as long storage life of the finished product. The USB type compounding systems by GlobeCore the fuel blends can be made compliant with European standards, the objective of many domestic companies, business competitiveness can be increased and profit obtained not based on economy, but on efficient operation of your equipment.



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