Fuel Blending

Fuel Blending

Fuel Blending. At this time, the oil product market is highly competitive, and the only way to get an edge over the competition is to use the raw materials with utmost efficiency.

GlobeCore offers the USB blending units, which guarantee high product quality and allow to rapidly react to the market changes.

Why blend?

In the modern conditions, one of the most important issues for oil and petrol traders is the selection of the most efficient product composition.

Blending is a rather complex and important process. Finished fuel can be produced from various hydrocarbons, and each component influences quality and price.

The USB type units can blend and dissolved any liquids continuously (from two to five fluid components).

The currently known blending methods cannot, in many cases, achieve stable condition of the product, leading to quick stratification. The USB units are free from this limitation. Thanks to the use of the injection process and the hydrodynamic shock, the octane (or cetane) number of the fuel can be increased and stability ensured for at least 180 days.

The GlobeCore hydrodynamic blending systems have already proven themselves in the market as economical, precise and reliable machines for production of high quality motor fuel at optimal cost. The achieved economy and profitability compared to traditional mixing methods in mixing tanks accelerates return on investment by as much as 60% annually, and makes the project pay for itself in one year or less.

The USB units have the following advantages:

  • simple mixing process
  • high capacity
  • the oil product is made directly and is shipped to tankers immediately, reducing the need for storage tanks
  • optimal use of components
  • reduction of manual labor cost and the amount of personnel
  • minimization of transport delays when shipping the product.



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