Food Blending

Food blending system “USB” is used for mixing of different components. This system are used for preparation directly in the capacity of food compounds or emulsions, for mixing of syrups, cocoa, cakes creams and other types of confectionery liquids. For mixing of products mayonnaise, sauces, ketchups, soups, compotes and other compound foodstuff, and also in the confectionery industry, pharmacological the industry and other types of production for different liquid mixing of components.


Process of food blending consists in preparation of ingredients, their periodic dispensing, mixing, compound unloadings, preparation of the mixing camera for the subsequent operations. The present standard defines safety requirement for process of food blending systems manufactaring. Food blending system “USB” is completed with the heat insulation, mixing devices, reducers, shirts for heating, and as the additional equipment, according to the specification of the customer. Food blending system “USB” can have the different volume, construction and the form which is necessary for successful application on production.

Primary benefits of food blending system “USB” are: final product without foliation, for the long period; broad spectrum of applicability to materials; high speed of mixing; variation of volume of loading; operation in hermetic conditions, simplicity and ease in service. Food blending system “USB” manufactured by Globecore provide constant quality of all batch of a compounds, even in switching time of account capacities, shortages of raw materials, loss of power supply or in an improbable case of a failure of one of system components. The ready-made product mixes up in the hydrodynamic ultrasonic adder of compound installation and provides persistence and accuracy of the set analyzer. In the same place there is a flange for sampling. Food blending systems «USB» possess a number of advantages, and first of all it is the whole complete unit of the equipment which is easily integrated into any type of production.



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