Diesel Fuel: How to Determine Its Cetane Number?

When selecting fuel for your car you should in the first place pay attention to its quality.  Perhaps the most significant of these indicators is its cetane number.  This parameter characterizes the ability of diesel fuels to ignite. In fact, it is the time required for combustion initiation from the moment of fuel injection into a cylinder.  The higher the cetane number, the smaller the time interval, and the higher engine power.

To some extent, cetane number can characterize ecological compatibility of diesel fuel because its combustibility depends on the hydrocarbon content.    For example, paraffin compounds ignite fairly rapidly, whereas aromatic hydrocarbons have the opposite property.

The use of diesel fuel with cetane number of less than 40 will result in the engine being more rough at idle.  This situation is fraught with rapid wear of bearings and other components, which emit the characteristic knocking sound during engine operation.

Determination of cetane number is based on its value equal to the percentage of cetane in the mixture thereof with alpha-methyl naphthalene in a fuel equivalent.  When calculating, the flammability of cetane is assumed to be 100%, and that of alpha-methyl naphthalene is 0%.  In the course of the tests the time of self-ignition of fuel is compared to that of the fuel equivalent.  Here is an example.  If the time of diesel fuel ignition in the combustion chamber is equal to ignition time of 40% mixture of alpha-methyl naphthalene with cetane, the cetane number of the tested fuel will be equal to 40.

Now the question arises:  what to do if the values do not meet the requirements?  Is it possible to increase cetane number?  The answer is definite:  yes, surely.

For this purpose, special additives are added to diesel fuel.  To obtain a homogeneous and nonvolatile product, a GlobeCore USB plants for mixing fuel and additives can be used.  This equipment is designed for mixing from two to five separate components, in particular poor quality diesel fuel with additives.

When using conventional methods of blending known today, fuel tends to break down when separate components are added to it.

The advantage of the unit is that the use of injection method and hydrodynamic shock can increase the cetane number of fuel, and the breakdown of the resulting product does not occur for at least 180 days.



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