The Composition of Antifreeze Washing Liquid for Windshields

Using special fluid for cleaning a car windshield in the cold season is common for the vast majority of drivers.  The popular name of this liquid is “antifreeze”.  This product is in great demand with the onset of cold weather, when the temperature drops below zero.  Antifreeze if often quite pricey, so many drivers are interested in the composition of this liquid and the possibility of its production at home. Let’s consider these questions in more detail.

In fact, the notion of “non-freezing liquid for windshield wash” refers to simple alcohol with some additives.  But it is not as simple as that.  There are different types of alcohol, and therefore alcohol-based products will differ in their properties.

In general, the composition of frost resistant fluids can be represented by the following components:

  • Alcohol;
  • Surface-active agents (surfactants);
  • Water;
  • Aromatic and coloring agents.

Let us consider the degree of influence of each of the components on the specific properties of antifreeze liquid for windshield washer.


In theory, several types of alcohol may be used for non-freezing liquid production:

  • Ethyl.  It is considered to be the safest for human health.  At the same time, the price of ethanol is rather high;
  • Methyl.  This alcohol is quite toxic; it does not have any pronounced odor and is banned in many countries for use in the manufacture of antifreeze;
  • Isopropyl.  This alcohol features very pungent odor and is relatively cheap.  It is often used as the basis for production of counterfeit windshield washer fluid.


Surfactants are mandatory components of non-freezing liquids.  They are necessary to remove dirt, soot and oil traces from the glass.  All of these substantially impair visibility, so it is impossible to do without surfactants.  However, it is not necessary to use them in large quantities to get a good result.


We have already mentioned that alcohols with a sharp unpleasant odor are used for the production of antifreeze.  Aromatic substances are required to give the desired smell to the liquid: citrus fruit, apples, etc.


Dyes give the liquid the desired hue for identification of individual product brands.


Water deserves special attention.  Quality production requires the use of distilled water.

Concentrate or liquid?

Retail network offers two forms of antifreeze: antifreeze concentrate and ready liquid meant for a specific temperature.  The concentrate must be diluted with water before use, while the ready liquid can be immediately poured into a car wash liquid tank.

Antifreeze production

If you know the recipe, you are halfway there.  All the necessary components are mixed in a certain proportion, and then antifreeze can be poured into a washer tank.  But while making antifreeze at home, you should remember that the properties of this product can be very different from the standard.  It all depends on the starting components.

If you have decided to produce antifreeze in large volumes, i.e. to start your own business, it does not hurt to clarify a few points.  Firstly, you need to obtain permits for the production of products such as windshield fluid.  Antifreeze contains alcohol, but not all substances of this class may be permitted for use in the production of washing liquid.  This is primarily due to the fact that some alcohols pose a hazard to human health.  Secondly, you need to select quality equipment which will produce high quality antifreeze that can compete with existing products.  Mixing equipment is essential during the preparation of antifreeze for windshield washer.

GlobeCore offers hydrodynamic (inline) USB-type mixing plants.  They have proven themselves in industrial use as cost-effective, accurate and sustainable means of production of high-quality antifreeze liquids with optimal cost.  The achievable cost savings and increase of production profitability, compared to conventional technology of mixing the components in mixing vessels, can accelerate the return on investment up to 60% per year and provide a return on the project in one year or less.

Windshield washer liquid made by these plants is stable and does not separate for a long time, which makes it competitive in the automotive product market.



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