Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Production

The units in GlobeCore’s USB line provide for production of high-quality commercial grade diesel fuel from cheap or inexpensive components.  The high-quality commercial grade diesel fuels such as Euro-2,3,4, and 5 can be made from inexpensive components due to the hydrodynamic cavitation technology found in GlobeCore’s advanced equipment.

The following components may be used to produce summer diesel fuel:

  • light stove fuel;
  • old, segregated and contaminated diesel fuel
  • dark stove fuel;
  • used oil; and
  • biodiesel fuel.

Additionally, different additives that increase the cetane number of the final product may also be used when producing diesel fuel with GlobeCore USB units.

The following is the technological process of commercial-grade diesel fuel production. First, original components are purified and then, together with metered additives, are supplied to the hydrodynamic blender to be processed.  As a result, there is commercial-grade diesel fuel that meets customer’s needs.

Diesel fuel, obtainted by using GlobeCore USB equipment, is homogeneous and does not separate if it is stored even for a long periods of time. Cavitation technologies allow for water to be included into the fuel production process.

Diesel fuel, that contains approximately15% of water by volume, is able to eliminate hazardous waste emissions and is very important and useful when working in poorly ventilated production facilities.



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