Choosing Antifreeze: Helpful Tips

When the first autumn cold comes, many drivers face the problem of frozen water in their washer tanks.  It is not a disaster, but this situation can be nasty enough, especially if one is in a hurry.  Some drivers are luckier: by virtue of their vehicle design, the fluid can thaw relatively quickly, others are not that lucky, though.  The second case is typical for vehicles with washer tanks located directly behind the front bumper.  Complete thawing of water will take at least an hour of engine running.  Therefore, at that time there will not be any way to clean the windshield.  When the weather is dry and fair, it is not a particular problem, but in rain or slush, frozen water in the tank can cause an accident.

Let’s consider some guidelines to help you choose a high quality antifreeze liquid, so you can always be sure to have a clean windshield and, as a consequence, a good view of the current traffic situation.

According to experts, it is desirable to switch to antifreeze liquid in advance, regardless of the brand or model of your car.  This is the first phase of preparing your “iron horse” for the winter.  Subject to occurrence of first frosts, it is necessary to fill washing liquid in the tank and wash the windshield.  This is necessary to ensure that the entire washer system is filled with antifreeze liquid.  If everything was done on time, even the first sub-zero temperatures will not paralyze your washer.

Antifreeze has gained immense popularity among car owners due to good cleaning, anti-static and low-temperature properties.  At the same time, a number of strict requirements have been imposed on the product regarding the impact on human health, the environment, coatings and rubber elements of a vehicle.

Recommendations for choosing an antifreeze

Strangely enough, some experts recommend to be guided only by smell when choosing antifreeze.  It is noted that antifreeze with a sharp and clearly defined odor of alcohol, most likely, is real.  Methanol is practically odorless, and isopropyl smells like acetone.

We do not recommend economizing when choosing antifreeze.  The absence of strict standards as to the composition and quality of washing liquids leads to the fact that the cheapest product is often the worst one.  Also, such antifreeze liquid may contain methyl alcohol.

Using antifreeze of the same brand for a long time enables the driver to easily distinguish fake products from the original.

Also avoid buying washing liquid in questionable stores and on the road.

If you have already decided on the brand and purchased your antifreeze, you should not pour the concentrate into the tank in its pure form.  Be sure to dilute it with water in the ratio specified in the instructions.  If this rule is neglected, there may be a variety of negative consequences, including ignition under the hood.



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