How to Choose Antifreeze Windshield Wash for a Car

Antifreeze Windshield Wash. Preparation of the vehicle to the cold season includes selection of antifreeze liquid.

When a vehicle is moving, the windshield may quickly become covered with dirt and slush. Water may suffice in summer, but in winter a special antifreeze liquid is required. A wide range of products is available in stores and it may be difficult to make the right choice.

The liquid is based in alcohol, so always keep in mind that methanol is extremely toxic. It causes blindness and disrupts cardiovascular system. Besides, methanol can ruin the paint on the vehicle.

The windshield wash contains surfactants, distilled water and flavors (who would want to drive around with the smell of alcohol in the cabin?).

The price is an important factor in the selection. It should be noted immediately that high quality products cannot be cheap. The less expensive the wash, the more the probability that it contains methanol.

We can also recommend to pay attention to the smell. If the wash is based on isopropyl alcohol, it will smell slightly of acetone. Ethanol has the regular alcoholic smell, while methanol has no noticeable smell.

In general, the advice on choosing windshield wash are as follows:

  1. Give the canister a good shake and turn it over a couple of times. If you see a lot of foam, it is an indication of good surfactants, which is a good thing.
  2. The canister must not contain sediment. If there is sediment, than the water is of poor quality.
  3. Do not neglect the appearance of the canister. Even small details like the label and the cap can give food for thought. Caps must look new, and the label must list general information on the manufacturer and the ingredients of the product.

Immediately after purchase, the quality of the liquid can be tested by placing it into a freezer. Quality product may thicken in low temperature, but will never freeze.



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