BioDiesel Blending

Rates of use of biological raw materials in a fuel sector are achieved by fast turns. Leading positions in production of bioethanol, absolutely are belonged to Brazil and the USA, development of BioDiesel blend fuel solid grows in the different European Union countries.

What is the biofuel? Biofuel — this fuel doesn’t possess a benzol smell and is made from oils as raw materials for which the plants improving a structural and chemical composition of soils serve. Different vegetable oils can be raw materials for receiving the biodiesel: sunflower, rape, soy, palm, coconut, corn, mustard, and also animal’s fat in arbitrary ratio. One of striking examples is the biodiesel. The biodiesel – the fuel of diesel engines allowing favorable changeover to mineral oil product. Rape oil which is base of biodiesel , it is a subject to processing by methanol in a compound with the catalytic agent, finally receive about 90% of diesel biofuel. By means of additives and BioDiesel Blending equipment bring diesel biofuel to a trade quality which responds all international standards. This fuel could be  possible use as independently, and in a compound with diesel fuel in arbitrary ratio.


Essential operation and optimization of BioDiesel Blending systems  is carried out by engineers of the GLOBECORE company. They developed and delivered on a mass production a number of mixing installations under the name “USB” of compounding of fuels and any liquids (from two to five components) in a flow including with components of a phytogenesis and bioethanol. BioDiesel Blending systems are issued in several types as stationary and mobile execution (the mobile can be mounted on trailers and semi-trailers, vans and railway platforms and as any other mobile means). Customer wishes and requirements are considered in case of manufacture depending on necessary compounding and a type of the final product. BioDiesel Blending is capable to make any class of fuel: diesel summer fuel, diesel winter fuel, diesel Arctic fuel, high-octane for Euro-4, Euro-5. The primary and indisputable benefits of technology of receiving compound fuels economic profitability belongs.



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