Antifreeze Liquid for Windshields Washer

In cold weather, car windscreen washer system requires the use of special liquids.  The thing is that if you pour plain water, it will simply freeze.  Ice crystals cause damage to washer system; besides, water will form frozen drops and stains on the glass, which will significantly worsen visibility for the driver.

When should one use non-freezing liquid?

In such conditions non-freezing liquid for windscreen washer becomes the only salvation for drivers.  It has an excellent property: remains liquid even in extreme cold.

Different kinds of antifreeze have different freezing temperature thresholds.  In practice, it can vary from -5°C to -50°C.  The exact figure depends on the concentration of alcohol.  For example, if the product contains 70% of isopropyl alcohol, then such washer liquid will not freeze even at -30°C.

In the first place, when choosing antifreeze, one should take into account the geographical features of the region where the vehicle is used.

Product quality and range

Manufacturers often use a mixture of alcohols in the production of antifreeze.   Such measures are necessary to obtain the best quality of fluid characteristics.

Each of the alcohols used in washer fluid has a certain degree of negative impact on human health. Methyl alcohol is considered the most poisonous.  Just 5 grams of this substance causes blindness.

In order to improve aesthetic properties, manufacturers add special flavors to antifreeze liquid.

Today, the range of windscreen washer fluid is quite wide.  To see it, you can visit any specialized store.

What is the best buy?

Wholesale buying of antifreeze requires adherence to certain rules.  Firstly, it is necessary to make sure that the product is of a good quality.  Many manufacturers try to save on packaging in order to reduce costs.  At wholesale purchase it is necessary to foresee this issue and thoroughдн inspect the containers before making a deal.

Plastic bottles and cans are the most reliable packaging.  But storage of the product in cans has a certain disadvantage, which is the loss of some properties.  If containers are exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity, it can cause their deformation and loss of sealing.  Consequently, it can lead to evaporation of alcohol, and washer liquid will lose its properties.  Increased attention is also required when pouring the liquid into the washing tank.  Care should be taken so that the lid is firmly closed; otherwise there is a possibility of alcohol evaporation and decrease of freezing temperature threshold.

Odorless antifreeze liquid

Pursuit of profit leads to the fact that some unscrupulous manufacturers produce windscreen-washing liquid, containing methyl alcohol.  It is very dangerous to human health.

If the use of antifreeze is accompanied by ailment, nausea, tearing, then surely you bought a product with methyl alcohol.  For this very reason the production and sale of non-freezing liquid containing methyl is banned in many countries worldwide.

How to choose good windscreen washer liquid?

In fact, the choice of windscreen washer liquids is enormous, even among low-cost products.  However, the price as the sole criterion is unacceptable.  Your optimal choice is a product which contains isopropyl alcohol and ethanol.

When checking the quality of liquid, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • Poor quality antifreeze is usually much cheaper;
  • n case if there’s poor or no odor, such washer liquid is likely to contain methanol.  Isopropyl alcohol is characterized by odor, which resembles acetone. Isopropyl-based antifreeze is usually flavored.



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