Production of Multicomponent Mixed Fuels

GlobeCore’s line USB units produce high-quality mixed fuels as well as ensuring their homogenization.  All the fuel components are supplied to a common collector through a blending process that is realized in a hydrodynamic mixer.

The following is the list of the components used in fuel blending:

  • low-octane gasoline;
  • distilled gasoline;
  • stable gas gasoline;
  • biological components of motor oils; and
  • additives that increase gasoline’s octane rating.

The main benefits of GlobeCore USB units are as follows:

(1)    precise components for metering and control;

(2)    reduced blending cycle times; and

(3)    no mixing tanks for final product homogenization;

If the resuling mixture is properly homogenized, it will not separate into its component parts even if it is stored for a long period of time.