USB Blending systems are intended for

USB Blending systems are intended for:

fuel saving; octane number increasing; cetane number improvement; blended fuels production; blended bio-gasoline (straight-run +

bioethanol) production; production of winter diesel fuel and arctic gasolines (decreasing of a haze point and point of congelation); activation of heavy fuel (black) oil (processing and averaging of watered heavy fuel oil); low-viscous ship fuel improvement; production of watered heavy fuel oil emulsions; production of furnace oil; crude oil and oily mixtures processing; petroslimes processing;


The Unit can be applied on: oil tank farms, petroleum refineries, mini-refineries, refuel stations, ships, by bunkering companies, experimental departments and labs of different factories and institutes.


  •  economical efficiency increase
  • inventory volume reduction
  • tank battery maintenance decrease
  • production efficiency (profitability) improvement due to optimum employment of components
  • working hours and service personnel decrease;
  • finish products output capacity increase;
  • efficient and optimal machinery working;
  • simplicity of mixing processes (by request, full automation is possible);
  • minimizing of effect of variations in processing of raw materials on technological units of refinery on quality of the finished product gained from mixers;
  •  minimizing of the transportation delays during finished product shipment;
  •  opportunity to produce finished products with direct loading into gasolene tankers;
  • mixing operations planning improvement;
  •  reduction of labour costs.