OIL regeneration system

We bring oil regeneration system to power companies attention and the companies engaged in services of the power transformer equipment, repair of transformers, transformer substations, turbines of thermal power plants and hydroelectric power station, processing plants and production of oils. UVR installation is intended for regeneration and restoration of oils initial properties.

UVR  installation of regeneration and restoration of oils by GlobeCore trademark provides the best and most effective extent of regeneration and restoration of oils in the course of production and storage, after regeneration and purification of oil, it keeps stability and don’t change a color and smell.

Transformer oil before and after regeneration

Quality of oil is very important for use in transformers, turbines and other knots and units: if oil contains acids, alkalis, other aging products and oxidation, they will negatively affect stability of work of the power equipment, transformers, turbines, etc. and as significantly affect operation of equipment.

For high-quality of restored oil which will correspond to new specifications, it is necessary to use UVR installations which will regenerate (clean) oil and will give it stability.

Turbine oil before and after regeneration

Myths and fears of customers:

  • Is that possible to regenerate engine oil using UVR plant. We answer, NO. Our UVR installations are intended generally for regeneration of easy groups of oils – transformer, turbine, industrial.
  • The UVR could clarify, clear, delete aromatics, delete sulfur at the same time. Certainly, can. The final product after processing on the UVR installation will be clarified, won’t have the mechanical impurity, specific smells, the content of sulfur will decrease.

Advantages of GlobeCore UVR installation:

• The equipment of modern design and the European quality, with the European accessories

• Competitive price, flexible system of discounts

• The qualified consultation and customer support

• Short terms of order implementation

• Stability of oil regeneration quality

• Minimum electric consumption (energy efficiency)

• Existence of the hi-tech equipment, efficient staff of employees (more than 300 people) allows to carry out orders in the shortest terms

• Universality of the UVR installation to work on regeneration of wide scale of oils

• Changeable installation productivity, possibility of work on full capacity or with selective turning on of modules

• Full automation of oils regeneration process

• Use of completing European and world leaders

• Temperature operating modes, (flexibility to service conditions, container installation can be warmed)

• Optional sound insulation and thermal insulation


# Parameters name Value
1. Regeneration productivity, m3/h UVR-450/6 UVR-450/16 UVR-460/16/к UVR-460/16/V
–          transformer oil-          turbine oil-          industrial oil-          dark heating oil-          dark diesel oil-          dark gas condensate 0,10,10,150,250,250,30 0,28-0,300,28-0,300,28-0,300,6-0,80,7-0,80,7-1,1 0,28-0,300,28-0,300,28-0,300,6-0,80,7-0,80,7-1,1 0,30,3-0,6-0,80,6-0,80,7-1,1
2. Consumption of regenerating powder in % from the weight of a cleaning product
–          transformer oil-          turbine oil-          industrial oil-          dark heating oil-          dark diesel oil-          dark gas condensate 3-173-173-172-151-71-5 3-173-173-172-151-71-5 3-173-173-172-151-71-5 3-173-17-5-201-71-5


3. The weight of regenerating powder for filling
–          one regeneration module, kg 20(35) 20(35) 20(35) 20(35)
–          all regeneration modules, kg 200(300) 400(600) 400(600) 400(600)
4. Loss of oil product in % from the initial volume (that remains in a sorbent)
–          transformer oil-          turbine oil-          industrial oil-          dark heating oil-          dark diesel oil-          dark gas condensate 1-61-61-61-61-61-6 1-61-61-61-61-61-6 1-61-61-61-61-61-6 1-61-61-61-61-61-6
5. Total power capacity of heaters, kW 1,98 5,28 5,28
6. Rated capacity, kW 5 8 13 8
7. Power consumption without heating of kW/hour 3 2,72 7,7 5
8. Subtlety of a filtration of filters, micron
–          inlet-          outlet 25(10)5(3) 25(10)5(3) 25(10)5(3) 25(10)5(3)
9. Supply voltage of the three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz, V 380 380 380 380
10. Overall dimensions, mm no more-          length-          width-          height 1 block260014002030 1 block480014802140 Container606025902440 1 block480014802140
11. Weight kg, no more 1340 2550 5400 3400

Frequent questions:

Whether any of UVR installations could regenerate and restore different oils? Yes, any of installations is universal also any of models can regenerate and restore any oils, but there are some requirements and preferences: for example, at the change from industrial to transformer oil it is necessary to wash out very intensively installation, having washed up all remains of the previous oil as it very strongly influences on such indicator as “tangent”. Any of UVR installations will be suitable for regeneration of oils.

Could UVR installation regenerate engine oils or synthetic? No, this equipment doesn’t approach and can’t carry out regeneration of engine oils. This equipment won’t be able to regenerate synthetic oils.

Production material (type). Standard execution: black steel: some elements are executed from stainless steel, non-ferrous metals

Power consumption. Totally at most power consumption is: 5 kW for the UVR-450/6 installations; 8 kW for the UVR-450/16, UVR-450/16V installations; 13 kW for the UVR-450/16K installations, respectively.

Possibility of delivery is possible to any country and the city worldwide, delivery can be carried out by any convenient type of transport: car, sea, air.

Production term is from 20 to 30 working days. Exception is existence the equipment in a warehouse or high degree of readiness of non contracted equipment.

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