Gasoline blending system USB-18/5

УСБ 18.5

Designation and the field of application

Device on the preparation at the point of the combustion of the irrigated petroleum residue (disperser, cavitator) – the passive device (without moving parts and power supply), which consists besides flow area with the located before it stimulators of the process of cavitation.

As a result [kavitatsiionnoy] working of initial water-mazut mixture occurs its conversion beside the homogeneous, highly stable and fine dispersed water-mazut emulsion, which is not divided into layers for a long time (not less than the year), that preserves its properties after storage at minus temperatures, which cause the freezing of water before the fuel, and having during the combustion higher energy and ecological characteristics.

For the preparation of water-mazut emulsion can be used [zagryaznennye] by the petroleum products of water, and also the water, which is contained before the commodity petroleum residue. The proposed device is past testing and successfully it works before power units and boiler rooms of different designation. The results of operation show that the use of a cavitator is allowed:

  1. in the region of increasing the reliability of the boilers
  2. to guarantee the reliable work of boilers during the irrigation of initial fuel to 30%.
  3. to form steady torch and to decrease its length, to thus decrease the temperature of combustion products against the output based on the furnace and the low-temperature sulfuric acid corrosion of equipment.
  4. to increase the combustion efficiency of fuel and to decrease the deposits of the [nedosgorevshego] fuel before the gas circuit and beyond the surfaces of air heater.

  1. in the region of increasing the efficiency
  2. to obtain additional energy due to an increase in the combustion efficiency of fuel and utilization of the petroleum products, which are contained before the waste liquids.
  3. to use the cheaper [obvodnennye] or sulfurous petroleum residue and thus to save to 10% of cash resources due to the substitution of stove fuel.
  4. to decrease the means, expended for averting of the pollution of natural medium.
  5. in the field of the ecology
  6. to liquidate cancerogenic substances and to decrease the content Of n[O]x as far as 20-40%, benzo (A) pyrene down 50-100%.
  7. to attain the complete combustion of carbon monoxide BASED ON the soot, and to also decrease the concentration SO3 during the combustion of sulfurous petroleum residue.

Technical and economic characteristics of cavitator – productivity, t/h – 1-100

  • cost, thousand of rub. – from 350
  • overall dimensions, mm, not are more than 300[kh]400[kh]1000
  • mass, kgf, not are more than 100
  • payback period with the complete load of cavitator, mo., is not more than 4
  • fuel economy – 3-5%
  • an increase efficiency in the boiler – 2-3%
  • an increase in the period of the service of boiler equipment – to 40%
  • reduction in the harmful ejections – 70-80%
  • the exception of the disruption of torch with the water contaminability of petroleum residue – to 30%
  • the savings of means due to the use of cheaper types of the petroleum residue

([s]) development is protected by patents.

* Increases shelf-life, stability, and quality
* Reduces bacteria levels and its formation
* No moving parts eliminates vibration & reduces maintenance
* Reduced fouling leads to higher thermal efficiency
* Cold flow properties of biodiesel are improved
* Water droplets encapsulated in a ethanol or diesel fuel
* Instant emulsions with micro to nano particle sizes
* Results in viscosity decrease, cetane number increase
* Reducing maintenance and operating costs
* Advanced cavitation technology
* Up to ten stages cavitation
* Mixing to submicron levels
* Reduces reaction time
* Improves product stability
* Small footprint
* Available in All Stainless Steel



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