Production of energy drinks: it is not about dangers, but about benefits

Energy drinks are made for people with active lifestyle. First drinks referred to as energy drinks were manufactured in the end of the 20th century. They are now available in any bar or club as a means to remove fatigue, or in gyms for some quick calories.

While harm or benefits of energy drinks are debated in the media, the actual production process is very similar to the production of any other drink and the only difference is in the composition.

This article deals with the production of energy drinks and their benefits to supplier companies. The debate about possible harm from this product is, surprisingly, just another type of advertisement.

Production of energy drinks involves mixing water with various components and additives, such as sugar, glucose, caffeine, theobromine, taurine,  glucuronolactone, L-carnitine, D-ribose, B vitamins, guarana and ginseng.

This product may be made using expensive special and separate pieces of equipment, or single universal mixing units which significantly simplify the production process.

Products blended using such equipment are not only clean and safe, but also based on a unique formulation developed using the blending system. The equipment is suitable for production of water, juice, cold tea, energy drinks etc.

The process of making energy drinks using blending systems involves adding special components to the main water stream, using portioning devices, according to the recipe.

Temperature, mixing rate, component consumption control and the high production rate make this equipment quite advantageous.

The company which starts up an energy production process, has a large choice of raw materials and equipment. According to research, the capacity of this equipment is several times that of the older, more cumbersome equipment for drink production. The control software meets the demands of the modern client. Companies can set up custom production process to substantiate future profits with technological investments.



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