Eco-shake in mixing systems – biodiesel and profit

Let’s talk ecology. Although both the Internet and the press headlines about the return to nature, healthy natural food and alternative energy are in abundance, businesses are still interested in ways to make money on that.

Every novelty has an unpleasant drawback: the cost of implementation and commercialization. There are, however, technologies which, first, break even in a short time, second, become an essential part of production process and third, increase productivity and profits.

One of such technologies is the blending systems for fuel blending. Engineers have invested a lot of effort into the development of modern blending systems, and now we can used the newest, most reliable, tested and tried blending systems in the international production market.

Of the producers is GlobeCore. The USB blending systems made by the company are a world known brand, and the systems are in use in more than 70 countries.

The USB systems feature a special system for customer’s individual blending recipe setup, and are equipped with controllers with unique self-learning algorithms, which react instantly to the change of process conditions or feed quality. Components are portioned continuously to ensure optimal quality and minimal loss.

As far as new trends in fuel are concerned, the use of vegetable oil and animal fat based biodiesel is growing among businesses. The higher cetane number and the high minimum flash point ensure efficiency and safety of this fuel.

In the US, biodiesel is blended with regular diesel. The name of the fuel reflects the content of biodiesel in it. Such blends save on the so called “environmental costs”, allowing the use of affordable and accessible materials, while decreasing environmental pollution. Due to specific biofuel characteristics, the internal combustion engine operates smoothly, its power output increases and the additional lubrication decreases the possibility of clogging. Blended fuel dies not require engine modification.

Blending systems for biodiesel are used virtually world over, bringing stability and profit to business. This is what really allows interacting with the environment, renewing natural resources and developing the business.



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