Ethanol mixing benefits


The biodiesel and bioethanol help to control global warming process, reducing CO2 emissions (the main greenhouse gas), which have been created by cars. Biofuel reduces emissions of polluting substances as it doesn’t contain lead and contains a small amount of sulfur. There is high content of oxygen in biofuel, if take ethanol mixing and blended with traditional types of fuels, mixes combustion increases and emissions decrease, oxides of carbon and other polluting substances decrease.

In spite of the fact that heat-conducting ability of alcohols is almost twice less than heat-conducting ability of gasoline, nevertheless alcohol fuel gives the chance to increase considerably engine capacity in comparison with gasoline. For combustion of one weight part of alcohol requires 6,5-8,4 weight parts of air, and for gasoline combustion need 15 parts. Because of increase in fuel consumption, which is possessing anti-detonation properties, there is a high opportunity to increase power of engine. Besides, ethanol mixing possesses high reserved thermal ability, evaporation (steam formation) 200-260 instead of 75 at gasoline, which gives the best cooling of the gas alcohol mixture, supplying in the engine cylinders, as effect it promotes the best cylinder filling. Thermal intensity of the forced engine working on alcohol, considerably decreases as temperature from evaporation of fuel is reached in case of ethanol use.

As the conclusion, the advantages that alcohol uses instead of gasoline:

  • the octane number is equal to 105 units allows to add it to gasoline, as an octane rising additive.
  • alcohol and products of its combustion don’t give compounds of sulfur and deposits. As result oil doesn’t get dark, and spark plugs operate to 2-2,5 times longer.
  • engine power increase.
  • environmental friendliness.

Ethanol mixing is a mix of gasoline and ethanol, the alcohol made through a fermentation of sugar (from sugar beet or a sugar cane) or the starch made from grain (wheat, corn and other). Modern gasoline engines are capable to work at the fuel containing to 10% of ethanol (E10 fuel). Use of E10 fuel in a total amount reduces CO2 emissions approximately by 6%. On some the market in countries like Brazil and Sweden realized cars with the FlexFuel technology which can work at the fuel containing to 85% of ethanol. The Globe Core Blending company is intended in production of blending installations and watches the researches in biofuel field which still are at the development stage (uses of an integral plant, use of biomass, seaweed and other). We strive to provide the highest quality of a mixed product which isn’t stratified throughout long time. Installations can make mixing from 2 to 5 components in current stream.

If you want to reduce expenses of you company for fuel production, “USB” cavitation blending system could help you to do that. To receive extra information contact us and technical manager will call you back or download inquiry list and receive free catalog.



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