Blending power saving process with fuel cavitation


Use of alcohols is an important factor for supplying increase of gasoline and diesel fuel. In the form of renewable fuel they have potential to reduce level of greenhouse gases emissions. The correct recipe for fuel blending also can help to provide lower level of emissions of usual pollutants. The basis of low emissions consists in production of quality raw materials, type of mixing and realization of ready fuel by the way which keeps its quality to the final customer. The main objective of fuel production companies to make high-quality types of fuels which will optimize engine and car operation. Also increase durability and provide a pure exhaust. The solution of this task will bring benefit to consumers, will simplify the fuel markets, will facilitate trade and will help the governments with performance of the purposes of a state policy.

Fuel cavitation is one of modern and power savings processes today. Fuel gets in blending system  to cavitation zone, at this moment biofuel, or various additives are supply to cavitation zone, this way molecules of components combine as a result we have a ready-made product without disintegration. Ethanol is one of fuels which is used today as a direct additive to gasoline and as initial raw material for creation air additives to gasoline. Other perspective renewable sources are bio air and bio butanol. High quality ethanol is a basis for its use both as fuels, and as initial raw materials for other fuel additives.

It is known all over the World that any car can be filled with gasoline mixed with alcohol if the percentage of alcohol is not higher than 10%. It is an admissible maximum absolutely for any car. However, in some countries alcohol after fuel cavitation can reach more than 30%, as it is alternative fuel and assessed with tax 3 times less than regular gasoline

Today there are Flexible – fuel vehicles. These vehicles can go by various ratio of gasoline and ethanol. These engines can ignite gas mixture with any ratio of entering fuel components. The actual parameters of fuel after fuel cavitation define by the electronic sensor in real time. The modern engine can work at any ratio of gasoline and alcohol, from pure gasoline to pure ethanol. Ethanol restriction in gasoline is connected to reduce emissions and at low temperatures to avoid problems with engine start in cold weather. The content of alcohol decreases in the winter in regions where temperature falls lower than zero.

GlobeCore Blending company is intended in production of blending systems for multi component fuels, increase of gasoline octane number, productions winter and Arctic diesel fuels on the basis of summer diesel fuel with introduction of dispersing additives.

If you want to reduce expenses of you company for fuel production, “USB” cavitation blending system could help you to do that. To receive extra information contact us and technical manager will call you back or download inquiry list and receive free catalog.




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