Diesel mixing makes new fuel grades


One of the most widespread and required product on fuel market is diesel fuel. There is huge number of the enterprises which produce and mixing diesel fuel, starting from large oil refineries to small plants, which are overtaking oil and gas condensate.

Diesel fuel represents oil product which is the result of oil distillation. Mixing of the distillate and straight fractions in certain proportions (compounding) defines certain brand of diesel fuel. Usually mix is made from direct diesel fuel and primary distillation and the light gasoil received by catalytic cracking. In compliance standards, at distillation of oil three brands of diesel fuel can turn out: (summer diesel fuel) – for temperature above 0 °C; З (winter diesel fuel) for temperature to-20-30 °C; And (Arctic) for the lowest temperatures, to -50 °C. Each type of diesel fuel assumes the rated content of sulfur and sulfuric combinations, and also a certain temperature of freezing. The kind of fuel can be reached also by mixing of basic fuel with additives using diesel mixing systems.

In addition, there is a set of various parameters and properties of diesel fuel: fractional structure, kinematic viscosity, distillation temperature, cetane number, density at 20 °C, iodide number, filtration coefficient, the water content, mass part of sulfur and sulfuric combinations, concentration of pitches, the content of mechanical impurity, limit temperature of a filtration, freezing temperature, chemical stability, acidity, flash temperature, ash-content and others. More detail will considered main properties of diesel fuel.

The range of additives is huge; some of them are directed for modification of cetane number, others for clarification or anticorrosive protection. But it is necessary to use them strictly in a certain quantity and structure which only qualified expert can define. Input of additives in fuel is the most important moment. To avoid stratification of additives, it is necessary to use diesel mixing systems as these installations are capable to make mixing at molecular level.

With temperature fall to a certain limit, even separated diesel fuel, grows turbid. This turbidity is the smallest parts of paraffin which from dissolved state starts passing into the crystal. Further fall of temperature causes by paraffin crystallization and its loss on the fuel filter, fuel lines and other details. If temperature continues to fall, fuel stiffens so it couldn’t be pumped over via the cold filter, and engine operation becomes impossible. Some people are adding fuel gasoline, lighting kerosene or jet fuel in diesel to prevent freeze. They gain some effect, but otherwise they damage fuel equipment and engine in general. For removal of paraffin and other substances which pollute fuel there is “UVR” Fuel polishing system by GlobeCore. It is intended for polishing and regeneration of transformer, turbine, industrial and other light mineral oils, cleaning, filtration and clarification, removal of acidity, products of aging and oxidation of oils. Also the GlobeCore Blending company is engaged in production of diesel mixing systems. Our blending installations possess a number of advantages, and first of all it is the whole complete unit of the equipment which is easily integrated into any type of production. Basic purpose of our installations is the intensification of processes of dispergating, homogenization and emulsification various liquids and suspensions which in the end result after processing, form the steady fine mix, the received product has resistance to a long uniform period of storage and is steady against stratification.

If you want to reduce expenses of you company for fuel production, “USB” cavitation blending system could help you to do that. To receive extra information contact us and technical manager will call you back or download inquiry list and receive free catalogue.



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